1. NAME.  Naperville Community Gardeners (hereafter referred to as “the Club”), formerly known as Naperville Gardeners Club and prior to that as the Naperville Men’s Garden Club.
  2. PURPOSE.  To nurture the gardening interests of its members and the community through educational programs and community service projects.
  3. MEMBERSHIP.  The Club is open to anyone with gardening interests. By joining the Club, members agree to fulfill the responsibilities listed below.
  4. FUNDS.
    1. DUES. Annual dues are to be paid by the April meeting for returning members, and by the first day of the month following the date of a new member’s statement of intent to join. Dues are to cover the direct membership costs to the Club, i.e., membership with state or national gardening clubs, personalized name-tags, recognition funds, etc.
    2. OTHER FUNDS. All other funds received by the Club may be used for the stated purposes of the Club.
    3. EXPENDITURES. No member may obligate or expend funds without the prior approval of the Club’s Board of Officers.
    1. BOARD OF OFFICERS.  The Board is responsible for conducting the business of the Club and consists of five elected members in good standing:

(1)   PRESIDENT.  Responsible for:

(a)   Agendas for all meetings. 

(b)   Conducting the meetings. 

(c)   Appointing Committee Chairs with the advice of the Board of Officers. 

(2)   VICE-PRESIDENT. Responsible for: 

(a)   Acting in the President’s absence. 

(b)   Chairing the Speakers/Program Committee.

(3)   SECRETARY.  Responsible for: 

(a)   Recording summary minutes of business and regular meetings.

(b)   Publishing approved minutes in the Newsletter.

(4)   TREASURER. Responsible for:

(a)   Drafting the annual budget. 

(b)   Accounting of the Club’s funds. 

(c)   Accounting of Club assets with a purchase price of $50 or more. 

(d)   Consulting with committee chairs’ implementation of the budget.

(5)   PAST PRESIDENT. Provides the tie-breaking vote at business meetings.

    1. COMMITTEES. There may be standing committees for Plant Sale, Flower and Garden Show, Community Projects, Membership, Newsletter, Marketing & Community Relations, Social, Speakers Program, and others as the membership shall determine.  The President is responsible for appointing the committee Chairpersons. The Chairpersons, in turn, have the following responsibilities:

(1) Appointing committee members. Each club member is expected to serve on at least one standing committee in addition to work with the Plant Sale.

(2) Scheduling committee meetings.

(3) Submitting a proposed committee budget to the Board of Officers.

(4) Spending funds within the approved budget.

(5) Coordinating with the Treasurer and committee members to see that the budgetary guidelines are satisfied and obligations for receipts and payments are met.

(6) Ensuring the members of the committee accomplish its activities in a timely manner.

(7) Providing a written report of committee activities.

    1. MEMBERS.  Although attendance is not mandatory, members are encouraged to attend regular monthly meetings. Each member is responsible for:

(1)   Serving a shift at the annual Plant Sale.

(2)   Serving on at least one standing committee in addition to participating on the Plant Sale committee.

(3)   Approving these Bylaws at the annual meeting.

(4)   Approving the annual budget.

(5)   Approving the spending of more than $150 in excess of an annual budget item.

    1. ANNUAL MEETING. The last regularly scheduled meeting of the calendar year at which:

(1)   Officers are elected by voice vote of a majority of a quorum (20% of members in good standing at the end of the year constitutes a quorum).

(2)   Bylaws and any changes are approved by voice vote of a majority of a quorum (20% of members in good standing at the end of the year constitutes a quorum).

    1. BUSINESS MEETINGS. At the call of the President, business meetings will be conducted.  Members may attend but not participate at business meetings. At  the business meetings the Board shall:

(1)   Receive notice of the appointment of committee chairpersons.

(2)   Approve spending up to $150 in excess of an annual budget item.

(3)   Draft proposals for membership vote for any spending of more than $150 in excess of an annual budget item.

(4)   Approve the minutes of previous business meetings and review the treasurer’s reports.

(5)   Conduct any business of the Club in support of its purpose.

    1. REGULAR MEETINGS. Regular meetings are open to the public and are usually scheduled monthly on the first Monday evening of the month (except July, November, and December when club social activities may be restricted to members and invited guests).

    At the first regular meeting of the calendar year at which a quorum is present (20% of members in good standing at the end of the previous year constitutes a quorum), the annual budget will be approved by a majority vote of the members attending. 

    Regular meetings may include the following activities:

    (1)   Approval of the following:

    1.      Minutes of previous meetings,

    2.      Treasurer’s report,

    3.      Spending of more than $150 in excess of an annual budget item.

    (2)   Consideration of old business, new business, committee reports and other activities of the Club.

    (3)   Reports from Chairpersons highlighting committee activities.

    (4)   Presentation by guest speakers to provide members information on gardening.

8 January 2007
4 January 2010
3 January 2011
1 October 2012
6 October 2015
7 November 2016
6 November 2017
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