Rose Johnson,Kane County Master Gardener, gave a delightful presentation on gardening to attract butterflies to your garden.

Butterfly gardening is a wonderful way to connect us with the cycle of life.  Many butterfly plants are great garden plants and have terrific ornamental value.  Many of these same plants also attract birds. 

Common butterflies in Illinois:

  • Great Spangled Fritillary - the young eat violets.
  • Red Admiral - often the first butterflies of the season.  Males are territorial and very aggressive.
  • Comma - early butterfly. The butterflies prefer rotten fruit and tree sap for food.
  • Orange Sulfur - males are often found in large groups.  Caterpillars eat legumes.
  • Red Spotted Purple - The butterflies prefer rotten fruit.
  • Snout Butterfly
  • Painted Lady - has a greater world distribution than any other butterfly.  Migrates great distances. 
  • Buckeye - migrates. Caterpillars like snapdragons.
  • Northern Pearly-eye.  Found primarily in the shade. The butterfly refers rotten fruit, animal dung, tree sap.

Butterfly Conservatories:

  • Butterfly World - Coconut Creek, FLA
  • Callaway Gardens - Pine Mountain, GA
  • Cockrell Butterfly Center - Houston, TX
  • Sophia Sachs Butterfly House -Chesterfield, Missouri
  • Peck Farm - Geneva, IL

Good reference books: