Saving Tomato Seeds

  1. It's time to save the seeds from your heirloom tomatoes. Start by picking out a really nice tomato of each of your favorite varieties. Remember, you want to pass on the best qualities so pick out your nicest tomato.
    1. Slice it in half and spoon out the seeds. (You can
    eat the rest!)
    2. Place your seeds in a bowl or jar and add a few tablespoons of water and mix it around.
    3. Cover the bowl/jar with a paper towel and hold it on with a rubber band. Your tomato seeds will start to ferment and may get smelly so covering it helps keep fruit flies away.
    4. Place your bowl in a warm spot. It takes about 4 to 5 days for the fermentation to eat away the seed casings. Everyday, peel back the plastic wrap and stir the mixture of seeds and water. The liquid will begin to darken and start to emit an odor.
    5. A filmy layer on the surface of liquid, where the impurities will rise to, will form. The fermentation process, in addition to removing the gel casing, will help kill any possible diseases the former tomato may have been harboring.
    6. When the seeds are nice and fermented, spoon out the film and dump the seeds in a fine kitchen sieve and rinse thoroughly with cool water.
    7. After rinsing, spread the seeds onto a paper plate, coffee filter or parchment paper.
    8. Let the seeds dry for a few days, flipping seeds once a day so all side dry.
    9. When seeds are completely dry, put seeds in a labeled envelope. Store in a dry location.