Building a Lighthouse

A lighthouse is a shelving unit, with lights for the purpose of growing seedlings. This plan calls for stock lumber materials to build a very functional and reasonably priced unit (If you prefer a more dressed up version you can substitute with fancier materials. that is 25" deep, 51" wide and 80" high consisting of four shelves. Each shelf is 2'x4' and will hold four standard planting trays. Each tray can hold 18x4" pots up to 200 cell packs which are sold at greenhouse supply houses.

Materials List:

    1. Four 2"x4"x8' studs
    2. One sheet of/2"x8' construction plywood One 1 "x4"x8' pine board
    3. Five 2"x2"x8' pine
    4. One box of 3/4 " screw nails
    5. One box of 3" screw nails
    6. Twenty 1" eye bolts that can be pried open One quart of Kills type white paint
    7. Ten standard two bulb, 4' shop lights

Cut the sheet of plywood into four equal pieces, with each one being 2'x4'. Depending on the direction you cut, the size will be reduced by the saw kerf. Don't worry about that but adjust for the kerf so each piece is the same size. Cut the 2"x2" strip into pieces that are 4' long (8) and 21" long (8). Assemble these pieces into a frame that is 2'x4'. Lay a sheet of the plywood (2'x4") on top of each frame and attach with the 3/4" screw nails.

Cut each 2"x4" to 80" in length. Using the 3" screw nails attach each shelf, 20" apart to the 2"x4" s. Placing one shelf 20" from the bottom and the last shelf even with the end of the 2"x4". Place the remaining two shelves equally spaced between the top and bottom shelves. When you stand the unit upright, it will be wobbly. To remedy this, use the 1 "x4" board for bracing across one 4' width side. Cut the 1"x4" board into 4' lengths. Fasten one end at the outside lining up to the upper center of the top shelf These braces should be cut so they don't overlap the outside of the shelf or uprights.

Pry open the 1" eye bolts so you will be able to slip the shop light chain over them. Screw them into the underside of each shelf so that the two shop lights can hang from them over the shelf. If you want lights for above the top shelf you will need to screw these eye bolts into the ceiling above. I do this in the basement that has an unfinished ceiling. If you have a finished ceiling you will need to use a different hanger for the shop lights.

This Lighthouse should be completely painted with a white paint such as Kills before using so that the wood does not get water soaked.

With this plan you have up to ten shop lights. Each shop light needs to be plugged into a receptacle. You can purchase extension strips. Or, I made my own by wiring 5 receptacles attached to a 2"x4" so that each receptacle is even with a shelf.